Private Yoga Instruction at Sugars Bridge Farm will resume after Aug 13, 2021

Specialized Client Consideration

Yoga is for everyone. Regardless of injury, illness, age or weight.

Refresh and Renew of your Practice

Empower yourself as you gain confidence, clarity and focus in the privacy of your home or our studio.

Comprehensive Understanding

Customized sessions save you time and allow you to go at your own pace.

Pricing, Scheduling and Cancellation Policies

Note: I will not be Teaching Yoga/Meditation from July 1 - Aug 13, 2021 One teacher : One student $75 /at Sugars Bridge Farm $105 /in your Home or Office $15.00 off your first visit!

Meet Sharlene | Owner & Instructor

I believe the freedom that is our birthright can be regained through Yoga: Freedom to Breathe. Freedom to Move. Freedom to be at Peace. This can be accomplished without aggressiveness, pain, suffering, or a determined will.

I help people discover the quiet space within and learn to be patient with who they are and where they are at. It is from this quiet space that our inner beauty is discovered and freedom is recreated.

"The key to life is learning how to live it."Sharlene McKinley

Let's Talk!

Thank you for your interest Cerca Trova Yoga, now doing business as Sugars Bridge Farm Yoga & Retreats. Offering One on One private and small group instruction in the location of your choice. I look forward to speaking with soon!

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