Getting Our Ducks In A row for Summer camp 2024

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Our Mission is to provide a rich farm FUN experience for campers to adventure, explore, create, and build longlasting friendships.

Enroll your camper today for outdoor summer time fun! Some of our weekly sessions are themed, meaning we will focus on the theme while still devoting time to interaction with our animals, garden, water activities, arts/crafts and more.

Camp sessions run weekly Monday - Friday from 9-3 pm. Maximum of 40 campers per week.

Email Sharlene at or call  610-203-4141 if you have questions about our camp or are having problems registering your child for camp.

We invite you to explore this page, scroll down to see the weeks, meet the counselors (TBA for Summer 2024) We are looking for 12th Grade or College Age Counselors for summer 2024.  If you know of a good fit for the farm camp please have them email me at


Summer Fun at the Farm

Camp is for ages 6-12 yrs.

Campers, we have a Harry Potter week at Barnyard Camp this season along with a lineup of fun activities. These include, crafts, gardening, interesting and fun guest speakers, and our Friday Farm Olympics is going to be awesome.  O'yeah, we can't forget our farm animals along with some new additions! I guess you will have to come to camp for that surprise. Please Read the Cancelation Policy before you sign up for Camp.  Policies are found in three locations, on the Book Now page, at the bottom of this page, and on your receipt.

Week One

June 24 - June 28 2024

General time with animals, crafts and some with Alpaca Fiber, fun games, and always water to cool down. Each week we termed General will have different activites sprinkled in. Ages 6-12 yrs

Week Two

July 1 - July 5, 2024
Farming Theme

Get ready young farmers for summertime farm fun! From planting seeds to growing food and flowers. learning all about alpaca/llama while creating arts/crafts with their fiber(wool). As well as enjoying all our other farm fun activities. NOTE: We will have camp on July 4th.  Ages 6 -12 yrs
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Week Three

July 8 - July 12, 2024
Arts and Crafts Theme

Time with farm animals and in the garden along with the focus on creating all sort of art and crafting with alpaca fiber (wool), plants, using natural dyes and synthetic dyes, while diving into storytelling! Ages 6-12 yrs

Week Four

July 15 - July 19, 2024
Harry Potter Week

Send your child to our very own version of Hogwarts. This is a week of spellcasting, making magical potions, exploration and creativity through theater, arts/crafts and games (Barnyard Camp Quidditch anyone?). If you wish, dress as your favorite charater the staff and animals are welcome to dress up, too. We can't wait to see you for the Sorting Ceremony! Note : there is always time with the farm animals. Ages 6-12 yrs.

Week Five

July 22 - July 26, 2024
Theater Week

This includes storyboarding, acting, improv, and live performance. Yes, at the end of the week we will be performing camper-created plays (or musicals!) We will also be enjoy the farm and farm activitie while busy planning and creating.
Ages 6-12 yrs


Week Six

July 29 - August 2, 2024
Outdoor Pursuits

This week focuses on outdoor survival, hiking, exploration, shelter creation and interacting with the farm animals. We my float down the Brandywine with the NorthBrooke Canoe Company Please note 6 & 7 yr olds need a guardian to float down the Brandywine. There is an extra Fee  approx. $35 for the float for all campers and all guardians. We welcome Parents/Guardians to join us on the float.  Ages 6 - 12 yrs

Week Seven

August 5 - August 9, 2024
Farming and Environmentalism

This means that there will be extra emphasis on animal farming and care, gardening, and composting. We will look at the art/science of making soap and laundry detergent. We will explore geology, pond & stream ecology, soil science, and sustainability. We hope to have our Bryn Mawr Geology Professor join us for fun experiments and conversation. Ages 6-12 yrs
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Week Eight

August 12 - August 16, 2024

General time with animals, arts and crafts, fun games, and always water to cool down. NOTE: We will float down the Brandywine with the NorthBrooke Canoe Company Please note 6 & 7 yr olds need a guardian to float down the Brandywine. There will be an extra Fee for the float for all campers and all guardians. Approx $35 each.  We welcome Parents/Guardians to join us on the float. We thought it would be fun to have BBQ at the Northbrook at the end of our float and on the last day of Summer Camp for the season. So, pick up will be at the Northbrook Canoe Company on our last day of summer camp, Friday August 16! Ages 6 - 12 yrs

Necessary Considerations

• Campers must must pack a lunch, snack, and waterbottle.

• Regarding peanuts and tree-nuts, we are not a nut free camp. However, we are a nut aware camp that will take special precautions for children with nut allergies.

• This camp is technology free. Counselors will not be using phones either! Counselors will be taking photos of campers each day and providing access to these photos at the end of each week.

• All children will need to pass a swim evaluation to swim in the pool.  If you do not want your child in the pool or they do not want to go in the pool they will have other options which we can discuss on the first day of camp and throught out the week (if  need be).

Written as of  April 2024 and is  subject to change.

barnyard summer camp schedule

Barnyard Summer Camp Overview and Cancellation policies.

Meet the Counselors

Our 2024 team!

Barnyard Camp Director/Owner of Sugars Bridge Farm 
Sharlene Bund, Camp Director, Office Manager and Co-Owner of Sugars Bridge Farm. Sharlene was a marine biologist. She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. Sharlene loves life on the farm and sharing it with all the visitors and amazing campers who are game for fun.


Hello! My name is Bella Ritona. I'm a junior at UNCA and my major is psychology. In the future I hope to become an animal-assisted therapist. In my free time I love hiking, yoga, cooking, and baking.


Hello! My name is Alexandra Ritona and I am a rising junior at UNC Asheville. I am studying studio art with a concentration in painting. I love to be outside, take photos/film life, watch movies, cook, and spend time with my dog. I’m excited to create and play this summer!


Hello! My name is Danny Bell. I attend Grove City College and study statistics.  I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, love sports, and being in the outdoors. I am excited for another summer of Barnyard Camp!


Hello! My name is Mary Ryan and I am a junior at West Chester University studying Psychology and Health Sciences. I love animals, plants, drawing, and movies! I am so excited to be joining camp this summer!


Hello! My name is Connor Kentzel and I love forging for foods in wild spaces, creating art and writing and playing music. I enjoy working with children. summer!


Hello! My name is Marie Wadlinger and I am a rising senior at Immaculata University. I am studying Communications, Graphic Design, Political Science, and Studio Arts. I love the outdoors, the arts, animals, kids, and spreading joy! This will be my first year as a camp counselor and I am so excited!