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“Consider booking a private session with Sharlene. She customizes the class to you, which feels very special and nurturing.

Over the holidays, I booked a group session in the yoga studio for my whole family – 4 teenage/college-aged boys plus my husband. She designed a class that kept them interested and engaged, and included some mindful meditation at the end. It was awesome”.

Rebecca, Havertown
“Your method has been the most relatable and accessible we’ve ever come across (we’ve tried to get involved in yoga 3-4 times over the last 10 years, and each was a distant & frustrating experience). The combination of small class size, your philosophical talks, your emphasis on breathing and concentration (your “meditation” classes we took turned out to be an invaluable prerequisite) all lead to a sensible immersive experience that broadened our horizons, gave us something we can use everyday, that will (and has) improve our life immensely (mentally and physically).”Gary & Deb, Haverford
“I am a senior citizen and found my way into yoga through One On One Yoga Sessions. Sharlene customized my sessions to fit exactly what I was capable of doing. I hae gained strenth flexibility and confidenc and love my yoga practice.” RK, Bryn Mawr
“I tried yoga once! It seemed like everyone knew what they were doing. I couldn’t keep it up. I found myself feeling frustrated and discouraged. All that changed when I started One On One Yoga sessions. It felt really good going at a pace I could handle.” HB, Westchester
“I have always loved yoga buy my schedule is full…. very Full! I was always feeling rushed, missing classes but with my private sessions I have the flexibility to fit my practice anytime I want. And of course the personal attention is really great! Sharlene’s the Best! ”

“I look forward in my weekly One On One Sessions with Sharlene. With patience she explains the whys and hows of all the yoga movements. She is very understanding as to waht is best for one’s individual physical conditions and injuries. Sharlene strengthens my mind and body and teaches me to relax and feel better again.”

Thank you again for a wonderful class. I look forward to every Friday morning yoga class. As crazy as life gets sometimes, this class keeps me focused on what is important. Achieving Chaturanga today was a huge big deal for me. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and a kind and generous person.

Thanks for a really great yoga class tonight. It was terrific. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite quotes. You touched on it’s meaning tonight during yoga:
“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out until sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”
1913, John Muir

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“Story telling Yoga provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to the world of yoga! My daughter and I love attending this class at Cerca Trova Yoga Studio.
The program introduces the concept of yoga and the benefits of practicing this wonderful discipline. The breathing, stretching and inner peace are all taught to the children around the idea of play time. The format is totally kid friendly and allows the children to practice the poses but in a way that is playful and imaginative which keeps their attention.

Additionally, Sharlene introduces other play components to the programs including crafts, tea time and of course story telling time in which she integrates a story into the yoga class and typically it involves animals or activities that relate to the poses being taught that week. The children get to listen to the story, read with Sharlene or practice the poses as the story is being told.

It also allows the children to interact with parents in the yoga exercises. An example being the parents posing as trees and the children climbing on the trees as monkeys or birds as they learn the various poses being taught.

The class is fun and dynamic and offers a great opportunity for parents to practice yoga with their young children and more importantly, it allows kids to be exposed to yoga and an early age! Hopefully, leading to a lifetime of practicing this healthy and stimulating discipline!”

Joe. T.
Sharlene has a true gift for connecting with her young students. She does not “teach” them yoga; she shares herself and her wisdom on a level that engages their developing minds and bodies while they can simply be kids. Before I started storytelling yoga with my 3 year old, I was worried he would not be able to pay attention. This worry dissipated as I realized that Sharlene creates an environment where kids can be themselves and have fun while discovering the basic tenets of yoga. As a parent you realize that yoga is not new to children, but an extension of their natural state. It is joy to be a part of her studio with my kids!