Sharlene Mckinley

Sugars Bridge Farm owner & instructor

“Love manifests where there is an empty vessel. Love abides where it is welcome.”Bhakti Sutras, Verse 53

Hello, Eh!

Sharlene McKinley Bund is a Native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Delaware and Chester County has been her home now for many years. Sharlene has been involved in yoga since she was 16 yrs. She is an experienced practitioner and teacher incorporating the “philosophy” of Yoga in her daily life. Along with a passion for teaching, Sharlene is a certified yoga teacher with 20 years teaching experience. Sharlene frequently hears from people that they “can’t do” yoga or they “don’t want” to do yoga for many reasons such as; they are not flexible, they are too heavy, they are too old, or they have an injury. Sharlene would love the opportunity to work with you so together you can discover the joy or an even deeper joy in your Yoga Practice.