Welcome to the first “Seek and You Shall Find” blog post!

I am Sharlene McKinley owner and instructor of Cerca Trova Yoga Studio located 2124 Darby Road, Havertown PA.
I would like to extend my many thanks to Simone Swantak for creating such a wonderful new website for Cerca Trova Yoga and for setting up this blog page. Yahoo!

I hope you will join our conversations as we start the new academic school year off, new website and many new 6 and 8 week sessions and on-going classes that you can drop in to at Cerca Trova Yoga. Please explore the website and sign up for classes or information of upcoming events and classes. Feel free to call me at 610-203-4141 regarding any questions. Please share the site with others if you know of people looking for Yoga Classes.

Simone asked me to send her my first blog so she could get us started. I had so many topics in mind. Then last night when I arrived home from teaching around 9 pm I noticed my son had something interesting brewing on the stove. I looked into the pot and I thought to myself, “what is that?” “Is that a boiled banana?” My son replied, “Yes, it is boiled banana’s to make tea. It has been helping me sleep through the night.” I said, “wow sounds very interesting.” Hence my first blog entry.

Stress, Anxiety, Sleepless Nights and Banana Tea!
Sound familiar? You ask yourself how does one step out of that crazy making loop around feeling stressed, feeling super anxious, having sleepless or restless nights which fuel the fire of feeling stressed and anxious leading to more sleepless nights and so on and so forth.
We have heard lots about the benefits of Yoga in managing and reducing stress, anxiety and sleepless or restless nights due to many wonderful components of this ancient practice; exercise, breath work, meditation, creating peace and joy from within, reconnecting with ourselves and finding our loving presence and being part of a community of shared values. I could talk endlessly about the benefits and I will do so as I blog on but today I would like to introduce the benefits of Banana Tea to help with sleepless or restless nights. Perhaps this tasty tea is one step you can take to help you find a peaceful nights rest the next step Yoga/Meditation.

It turns out that my son has been drinking Banana Tea with a little cinnamon and raw organic honey for a little while now and he says it has been helping him sleep. I tried it last night after he told me all about it and I researched the benefits of Boil Banana’s on the internet. Gotta love your kids and the internet, eh! The tea is tasty and I did find I had a very nice sleep last night and woke up rested and ready to start my day.
Recipe for Banana Tea:
1 – Organic Banana (Peel – thoroughly washed – important that the Bananas are organic)
1 – small pot of water
A sprinkle of cinnamon and raw organic honey to taste.

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